Joint Good Friday service (Passover celebration)

Time: April 2, 2021 at 7:30PM

Good Friday service Bulletin

Passover Haggadah Document

Come and learn the link between:

  • the Passover Seder and the Last Supper, the origin of Communion
  • the Passover Lamb and Jesus, as the Lamb of God
  • The story of Israel’s redemption from slavery in Egypt and the ultimate redemption from slavery to sin and death for all humanity through the Messiah

Join us for a unique experience online where you and your family can participate in the Seder (Passover order of service) by tasting the traditional ceremonial food items at Passover and through the liturgy.  Children, we’ll need you during the celebration, especially for an important search during the Seder!  

The Zoom meeting room will be opened by 7:20PM.

The login information is as follows:
       By computer/tablet/cellphone:

       Meeting ID: 862 2730 6044

Note: the sermon will be broadcasted via YouTube. Sermon in Cantonese.