Salvete ecclesiae!

Putabam latine scribere hac septimana. Putabam latine scribere hac septimana. nostro auditorio hac septimana inscribitur "nunc dimittis". Simeon carmen de Messia.

Last week we talked about the events following shortly after the birth of John the baptist. This week let's talk about the events shortly following the birth of the one John was to proclaim, Jesus Christ Messiah Saviour. We will try to understand these events and the person of Jesus (at the center of the events!) through the eyes of Simeon. One who was dearly awaiting and expecting the Messiah…sometimes I wonder how Simeon would react if he lived in our times and had to wait for Christmas (2000 year + after the actual birth of Jesus). Would he anticipate this special moment with the same excitement and fear? His song reveals a lot and we have much to learn from Simeon. By the end of our time together I hope we will be able to spiritually bob our heads to his hymn in Luke 2.

See y'all ready to party and bob our heads in worship.

PS. free coffee to whoever guesses first the language and the meaning of the first part of the email. No it's not Greek, Spanish nor Italian…and google translate might not be much help either…

Exposed by His blood,

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