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Do you know anybody who could earn the title “killjoy”, someone who has the uncanny ability to ruin any good moments, take the fun and happiness out of things. Who are they in your life? Perhaps a certain friend, neighbor, co-worker, or worst a relative or family member?

This week we continue our series on Joseph. Here's what we've explored so far in Joseph's story:
– Sermon 1 (Genesis 37): God is always in control of our lives and our world. Nothing is ever left to chance. He always sends and puts us exactly where he wants us to be. Even when we make wrong decisions or have poor judgement, if we choose to obey and humble ourselves to him then we can only and always be at the right place because he can only open the right doors for us.
– Sermon 2 (Genesis 39): having the Lord with you, on your side, does not mean life will be easy but that you have an advantage to be well with whatever life would serve you.
– Sermon 3 (Genesis 41): The best experiences of God’s power in our lives will be the experiences where/when we give up power+control and we let ourselves be the most powerless. There is Power in our powerlessness!

This week we will be spending time on the re-uniting of Josephs and his killjoy brothers.

Exposed by His blood,

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