Hey church,

What a life did Joseph have! There was never a dull moment. His life had as many high moments as there were low moments but what connections do all of these moments/events share together? How do they complement, strengthen, set-up, give meaning to each other? If we were to look at the life of Joseph as a whole then would we see what God was trying to do? Would we see what God was trying to show Joseph and us?

This Sunday will be a Gospel Sunday in the basement from 9:30am to 11am. Light breakfast will be served. So invite your relatives, friends, colleagues and neighbors to come. People who have recently been through a significant experience (good or bad) will most probably draw a lot from our message this coming Sunday!

PS. Remember to bring your own travel mugs to reduce waste. Extra green points for whoever also brings their own tupperware and utensils 😀

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