Hey church!


Have you been meditating on your Advent reflection questions for week 2?

          Do you feel that your life matters for joy and wonder?

          Are you joyful and wondering about things, or just keeping occupied?


This week we continue our advent series to reflect further on the meaning of Jesus being light, for everyone. More precisely, that Jesus came to the Earth to be Saviour and Lord. That is his gift to us.


Receiving this gift means accepting Christ as the person he offered himself to be: the Lord and Saviour of the world. Anything less than that would mean you do not accept who Christ is. You might accept some aspects of Christ but is it in light of who He came to be for us? Do you accept Jesus as the Lord and Saviour he offered himself to be for us? This is essential to believe in Jesus. And only if we accept and believe the way that Jesus offered himself can we say we have faith in Jesus. Anything less and we mind as well say we accept and believe in Jesus like we might accept and believe that Buddha, Gandhi, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Desmond Tutu, Pope Francis or even Nelson Mandela were great men and women (and they were! …but then there is Jesus). Yet none of them claimed they were Lord and Saviour because only Jesus has the credentials to claim that.

Is the world ready to receive such gift?

Exposed by His blood,

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