Hey church!Has it ever happened to you that you needed something but did not exactly know what it is that you really needed? This usually results in an intermittent and unsatisfactory chase of attempted solutions to fill the need. It may be a series of healthy meals/snacks trying to fill a mysterious deep craving, when all you need is a good unhealthy/greasy/sweet snack/meal(did someone say “POUTINE”?!). Or something more serious like a series of bad relationships trying to fill a deep craving for relationship/connection, when all you need, first, is healing from past broken relationships.Something interesting about this is that sometimes, what fills a need is not always what seems the most logical or reasonable. God is good at doing this: addressing a need by giving his people an unconventionally illogical and unreasonable solution. This is what we will explore in Matt 2:13-23 this coming Sunday.Gears of worship!

O Come O Come Emmanuel

God You Are My God

O Come All Ye Faithful/Peace Has Come

Lord, I Need You

Exposed by His blood,

Associate Pastor – English-Speaking Congregation
Montreal Chinese Baptist Church
3567 St. Urbain st.
Montreal, QC,
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