Hey church!

Have you been meditating on your Advent reflection questions for week 3?

  • Do you realize your greatest possession is your faith in Jesus? [1]
  • How is the light of Jesus brighter than all other lights?
  • What will you do to witness about the light of Christ to your family, relatives and friends during the holidays?


This week we continue our advent series to reflect on the meaning of Jesus becoming flesh. More precisely, we want to reflect on the light becoming flesh. Jesus came to the Earth to add onto his divine glory: humanity. This is the greatest miracle, act of love and encouragement to us.


This is a great way to end our Advent series before we gather again at church on December 24th, 7:30pm for our Christmas Eve service at church.


[1] Richard D. Phillips et als. The Incarnation in the Gospels.(New Jersey : P&R publishing), 177

Prepare for Worship:
Waiting here for you
Sinking deep
God with us

Exposed by His blood,

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