Hey church!

Sad to say this will be our last Advent sermon from my new best bud Reformed Expository Commentary. All the credit goes to this book and Philip Graham Rayken for making our advent series so interesting!!!

This Sunday we end with a big exclamation mark!!! An exclamation mark sang by an ARMY OF ANGEL!!!! It will be like heaven on Earth!!! Have you ever had one of those experience when something amazing that is usually not physically available locally comes to your home, your school, your church and your city? Like Gandalf coming over my house to eat dinner or the Avengers bringing shawarma for midnight snack at my house. Like Vanilla Ice coming to my elementary school. Like Jesus preaching at our church. Like any world famous night market coming to Montreal.

We've all had experiences of something amazing coming to us. Here's one more of those experiences to add to our list this Christmas. It will not live you indifferent!

Exposed by His blood,

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