Hey church!If you were here last Sunday and picked up a LED tea candle to remind you to submit your expectations of hope/deliverance/blessings to Jesus then I hope you used the tea candle well and had a great week of reminding. This coming Sunday we continue our Advent by looking at the rest of Matt 1, especially the meaning of Immanuel in the context of OBEDIENCE.Obedience is intrinsic to our relationship/life with God and our response to his salvation. Obedience is all fine and dainty when we know/see it will bring us direct/obvious blessings or when a particular command to obey does not change our personal choices or when a particular plan happens to be our primary plan.What about obedience when you cannot see how you can benefit from it? What about obedience when a particular command goes against your personal choices? What about obedience when God’s plan completely differs from your personal plan?Come back this Sunday as we explore Joseph’s obedience in light of IMMANUEL!

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Exposed by His blood,

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