Hey church!!

In light of our message last Sunday I hope many of you have decided to Lent. Many of you have shared how you are Lenting and what you are fasting/abstaining from. It is awesome to be able to spiritually prepare for Easter together this way. If you have not decided how to Lent yet it is not too late…if you need advise feel free to contact me! 😀

This Sunday we continue our time in God’s word to take stock, re-center and re-new our spiritual lives; learning to be better disciples now until Easter and be edified to continue long after Easter 2013. We will spend time in John 3 reading about Nicodemus and Jesus, light and darkness and life and death. Also, since we cannot talk about John 3 without the infamous John 3:16 this coming Sunday will be a good time to invite relatives, friends, colleagues, classmates, neighbors who do not know Jesus and his Gospel.

PS. Thanks to our brother Ny we now have some video sermons online. If you missed our introductory sermons for the church theme “Sheep and Fishermen” feel free to view them here.

Exposed by His blood,