Hey spiritual athletes of MCBC!

Have you ever run in a race? Competed in a tournament? Battled in a cook-off? Trained for a show? Studied for a big final? Slaved over what you want to buy your spouse for Valentines’ Day/anniversary?

How is is that a runner can drag themselves through the last mile when their legs are gone? How is it that a person can keep competing when their body are sore? How is it that a cook/baker can keep cooking when their fingers have cuts and hands burnt? How is it that dancers can still dance even with broken toe nails and bruises everywhere? How is it that students can pull all-nighters and study through sickness? How is it that a spouse can spend hours preparing a special meal or work extra long hours and save up for a special gift? Why can we make ourselves do certain things and push ourselves while we struggle to accomplish (let alone even just be consistent doing) so many other things?

All of this to ask ourselves: How can we be expected to be good, growing, thriving disciples all our lives through hardship, suffering, trials, low points, even lower points…How are we supposed to be keep running the race and invite others to run with us?

In 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 Saint Paul teaches us about self-discipline. A glimpse into his reflections on how he could do all he did for the cause of Christ. Exciting new message as we continue our series on Sheep & Fishermen.

PS. here’s a sneek peek of our sister Apple’s 3D rendition of our church theme…MAD PROPS APPLE!!!

Exposed by His blood,