Hey church!

This Sunday we start a new sermon series on the life of Joseph (Gen 37 onward). If you do not know about Joseph then I invite you to adopt Genesis 37 until the end of the book of Genesis in chapter 50 as your devotional reading to know more about this colourful guy.

I hope this new series will speak to you greatly. I know it has for me as the Be clan has gone through yet another eventful year/season of life. If you had many good and bad things happen to you and close ones this past year/season of life then may this series bring you great encouragement and knowledge of God and his inner workings.

May I remind you that next next Sunday, July 20th will be another Gospel Sunday. We will continue with the life of Joseph. So if you have any friends or relatives who have had an eventful life lately then maybe this Gospel Sunday will be especially good for them?

Gear up for worship! Here's the playlist.

Exposed by His blood,

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