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How many of us watch the TV show Dragon’s Den or Shark Tank? How many of us used to watch The Apprentice? And what about the other reality show Extreme Couponing?


Generally speaking, most of us are interested in knowing how to make money: understanding the courses/program we study in school in relation to the jobs we can get, knowing how to save, excelling at making our buck get us as much as possible, knowing how to sell things online, being investment-proficient and playing with stocks or juggling funds, planning for retirement, finding all sorts of credits when comes income tax filing season, gaining entrepreneurial know-how, mastering how to build and run a business, etc…


These are all things we can do ourselves, these are all things we take pride in when we are successful in them. Ultimately, at the core of it whether we admit it or not, these are things we honour and glorify…do you admit it? Would you admit it? If so then what will you do about it?

Gears of Worship:

I Will Offer Up My Life – Matt Redman

Exposed by His blood,

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