Hey church!!

This coming Sunday we are starting the season of spiritual preparation preceding Easter. This season is called Lent.

“Lent traditionally is the forty-day period before Resurrection Day (Easter). The ancient church practices during Lent were meant to renew the believers' faith and rekindle their special relationship with Jesus Christ. Historically, Lent has been a time of penitent prayer, fasting, and almsgiving (giving to the poor).” (Dr. Kwasi Kena. http://wesleyconnectonline.com/less-equals-more-doing-gods-math-during-lent-dr-kwasi-kena/)

So come ready for another Lent season, 2014 edition! Although this is only the 2nd year that we officially celebrate Lent as a congregation, this year we have great plans to make Lent less but at the same time sooo much more! Hope to see many of you this Sunday and start this great season together in worship and community.

"Lent up" for worship!

Exposed by His blood,

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