Hey church!

This week’s readings and meditation were overwhelming…I’ll share some of my readings and reflection in hope that you get overwhelmed and ready for Sunday…

You are my day, You are my night
You are my love and all of my life

You are the love I need
You are the air I breathe
You are my love my life always forever

“In the Christian practice of living through the year, recurring patterns of longing and fulfillment, of repentance and grace, encircle us again and again as we encounter different dimensions of the mystery of God at each point in time, all year long. Over time, the round years accumulate into a thick line, and we find that we have been caught up in the story of God.”[2]

[1] Phil Wickham “Always Forever
Dorthy C. Bass, Receiving The Day. p. 82, Kindle version.

Exposed by His blood,