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Have you ever experienced great difficulty or failure in trying to do anything else than obeying Sabbath rest on Sunday? Maybe you tried to study, catch up on work, go out shopping, catch up on house chores, etc…by doing such kind of work on Sunday we self-sabotage our Sabbath rest. This is against our best intentions. After all who goes about their week thinking to themselves: “I’m planning to murder this week”, “I’m planning to commit adultery, ” etc? Yet we plan our Sundays according to what we should/will do as if we were planning to break Sabbath?[1] This sucks out the life and goodness of sabbath.

This Sunday we continue our series on Sabbath. We will explore Sabbath in light of creation and ushering a good future.

[1] Dorothy C. Bass, Receiving The Day: Christian Practices For Opening The Gift Of Time. (San Francisco: Joey-Bass, 2000), p. 45, Kindle version.

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