Hey church!

In “Lord of the Rings”, what keeps Aragorn son of Arathorn hoping to see his friend Gandalf coming from the East despite being surrounded by enemies?

In “Rambo”, why is colonel Trautman convinced of Rambo's capabilities

What does our discipleship have to do with Aragorn and Gandalf, colonel Trautman and Rambo when it comes to trusting and finding assurance? Let us find out together this coming Sunday. Please leave your staff, sword, morning stars, army knife, bow with explosive arrowhead helicopter at the door. And leave your horse and helicopter on the street.

Our worship songs this week:
He is Exalted

Sorry no elf or army chants

PS. time change alert! On Sunday at 2am (or before you go to bed on Saturday night) make sure to turn your clocks backward 1 hour.

PPS. Remember all our cegep and university students going on the IVCF retreat this coming weekend. May it be safe, refreshing and bring them deeper in their relationship with God and their obedience to His Word/promises.

Exposed by His blood,

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