Hey church!

I'm excited to introduce to you our guest speaker this week! His name is Pierre Bergeron. Pierre has been a pastor in a Pentecostal church for many years, military chaplain for many years and now serves with the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC). The EFC is known for its magazine Faith Today but the reason I wanted to invite someone from the EFC to preach to us is because the EFC is super active in speaking on Social Issues while upholding Christ and the Gospel. So relevant in a world like today where poverty, hunger, injustice, issues of identity and social responsibility abound.

Pierre will have a table with many resources during our fellowship and refreshment time. Make sure to drop by his table and get equipped, or ask Pierre any questions you might have!

PS. I think I'm gonna start including videos of the worship songs for the upcoming service in my weekly blurb. Why wait until Sunday to worship, right! ;D Don't you love exalting God because of His kindnessand oh because of his love! I really hope others around us can know him because of our love.

Exposed by His blood,

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