Hey church!

I like the imagery of believers being travelers through this Earth. Believers journeying through the land. It's sort of like a very long road trip. I don't know about you but when I think about road trips or trips in general I think about music. Music playing as you drive. Music playing as you seat on the train, bus or plane. Can anybody relate to this? What music has to be on your car stereo/radio when you travel? What music do you sing (or yell along to) when you drive? What music must be on your iPod when you're traveling? If the imagery of travelers evokes the believer, the journey evokes discipleship then what could music to?

Come find out this Sunday as we continue our time in Psalm 119.
PS. get ready to worship the One who loves us Forever. The one who is Beautiful and Worth It All!

Exposed by His blood,

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