Hey church!

How long did you wait for this time of the year to come, again? Christmas is about 1 month away!!! What excites you the most about Christmas? Is it the gifts? The time off work/school? The many feasts? The late nights and late wake-ups? Being with family and friends? So many good things to expect this time of the year.

In preparation to this important date we start celebrating Advent today. Advent is a good time to seize the meaning of Christ’s birth, His life, His redemption, and the call to reflect and foster a proper response to his amazing plan of redemption and restoration for all of mankind. If you are here this coming Sunday then I hope you will be equally blessed as I am blessed preparing for this message. . Any time spend with God in His Word is amazing but somehow Christmas jazzes everything up! 😀

PS. I’m trying this new commentary books for our upcoming Advent sermon series. It’s called the Reformed Expository Commentary. Real exciting stuff I can’t wait to share with you! 😀 😀 😀

Exposed by His blood,