Hey church!

This week we have our 3rd sermon of the year on tithing and offering. I'm not preaching as much as I should on the topic (if we base ourselves on Jesus' teaching/preaching where he taught/preached on money ~25% of his entire recorded speech in the Bible!) but I hope you are growing as much as me in your knowledge and experience of tithing and offering. This week we travel back in time to 10 century BC. We travel back to the time when the building in Jerusalem was being built for the first time (1 Chronicles 29:1-9). As we will unpack 1 Chronicles 29 we will ask these questions and try to answer them:

What is the temple? What is your "temple"?
Who could be the "leaders" (v.9) in our church?
What precious stones do you have or can you give to the church?

PS. I know PG fellowship is on a road trip and a few of you are traveling to Toronto. Safe travels to all!

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