Shalom church!

What is the deadliest weapon you know? What weapon deserves the title of WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION? A nuclear bomb? A Kamehameha?

Such weapons destroy, kill and obliterate. They also instill fear. You can hardly hide from their destruction. During the Cold War the fear of nuclear bomb attacks affected the entire population of 2 of the biggest nations: the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. (now dissolved into Soviet countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, etc). The Cold War and its nuclear threat drew the U.S. and U.S.S.R. apart. After a long road of diplomacy the U.S. Montreal satellite maps . and these Eastern European countries are befriending each other and are learning to work together once again. They are reconciling.

What if there was a “weapon” designed to bring people together? Instill love, acceptance, reconciliation? What if there was a WEAPON OF MASS RECONCILIATION? A weapon so strong and powerful that it could potentially change the whole landscape of the Earth and humankind! Is there such a weapon?

This Sunday come trembling and face the Jesus-hameha!!!


Feel free to download and share it: Weapon Of Mass Reconcilation – part 1 No one is spared (By Rici)
(date preached: Feb 20 2011)

Exposed by His blood,



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