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Last week we saw how the life, ministry and message of Jesus leaves no one indifferent. This set the stage for our new series: WEAPON OF MASS RECONCILIATION.

The gospels present the life of Jesus as he walked amongst human. In the upcoming weeks leading to Easter, we will dwell in the life of Jesus, walk the road he traveled and witness the works he performed through the Gospel of Luke. Through Luke we will see how Jesus came to deliver God’s WEAPON OF MASS RECONCILIATION.

JC life, ministry and message are part of a story that still goes on today. For over 2000 years Christ has been on a mission to redeem the world and build a community centered on Him. And the story of His life still collides with the history of humanity. Christ’s story is still being written out in the 21st C as new ppl get to know him personally and as Christians learn to live in community the way Christ wants them to live. None of us and history itself is spared from the effect of his Salvation. Christ continues to write his story of salvation through our lives.

We start our journey

PS. Beware of the fake Gospels.

Feel free to download and share it: 2011-02-27 WOMR – part 2 On Mission (RB) (date preached: Feb 27th, 2011)

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