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Have you ever experienced eating in a new cafeteria for the first time? Either in a new school, new work place, etc? Do you remember trying to look for people to eat with? For some people it was a wonderful experience as they met new friends and joined a new circle of friends. For others it was an embarrassing and painful experience as they faced loneliness and rejection. . Montreal If they were still alive many Bible characters would be able to tell us stories related to eating in “new cafeterias” or rather “new table companions”. One such character is Levi.

This Sunday we will meet with Levi in Luke 5:27-32 to explore what it means to be poor and how the poor can be good table companions.

Feel free to download and share it: 2011-03-13- WOMR – part 3 The Filthy Rich or the Filthy Poor (RB) (date preached: March 13th, 2011)

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